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Corporate Law

Corporate lawyer ottawa

At ASB Law, we deliver legal services to entrepreneurs , small and medium sized businesses across Canada. We understand the cost expectations of new businesses and offer fixed fee services and monthly retainers. We will guide you in creating the best structure for your private or public enterprise . We have the expertise to help you start and expand your business and are available for advice and direction as your company grows . We advise clients on everything from negotiating commercial contracts , corporate governance , purchase and sale of business , shareholder agreements , employer contracts , and risk management to commencing lawsuits , settling disputes , hiring and firing employees. We have fixed price packages available for Sale , Purchase and Incorporation.

We have dealt with and can help you navigate the many of the challenges that you will face in your business, including :

  • Government requirements to start a business

  • Customers who pay late, or don’t pay at all

  • Cash flow problems

  • Employee relations, including terminations

  • Dealing with banks and creditors

  • Government regulation

  • Problems with landlords/tenants

  • Computers / automation / technology issues

  • Business strategy

  • Competition in the marketplace

  • Corporate governance

  • Maintaining corporate records

Our service include , but are not limited to :

1. Lease negotiation and review 

2. Offer to purchase 

2. Business Incorporation 

3. Shareholders agreement 

4. Employee Contracts 

5. Mergers and acquisitions 

6. Corporate governance 

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