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Dental Law

Dental x-ray


Are you looking  to purchase or sell a dental practice ? Are you setting up a new practice ? We understand that buying/setting up a practice can be financially and mentally exhausting and we provide our clients with the guidance that they need and also have financing options for legal work through a third party company .We negotiate on your behalf starting with the rental lease to protect your rights and get you the best deal possible. We have fixed price packages for legal work for Dental offices/ Dentists to avoid any unexpected legal bills .



 Are you thinking about creating a dentistry professional corporation to save taxes and avoid liability ?Incorporating can provide a lot of benefits including commercial liabilities, shielding personal assets etc. Not everyone knows the intricacies of incorporating a dentistry professional corporation and obtaining a Certificate of Authorization from the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario . Dentistry Professional Corporations are different from other corporations and are governed by the Ministry and the RCDSO. Get it done right with the guidance of a professional.


Dealing with Staff/Associates 

If you are buying/selling/setting up a new practice you will need to understand and deal with staff liability that comes from that type of transaction .Long term employees could mean long-term liabilities  as a purchaser/ seller.It is always advised to have signed contracts that favor you(e.g with respect to non-compete ,non-solicit ,termination etc.) 



Have you checked your commercial lease recently ? Does it contain things like personal liability , construction clause ,defaults that can negatively impact your practice . If you are starting up a new practice /or buying an exisiting one , you need to negotiate with the landlord when it comes to things like rent, term,exclusivity etc.

We offer complimentary consultations and have financing options available. Please contact us on or call us 613-225-0007 for more information.

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